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With a goal of visiting all the countries in the world, Ricky Shetty is a digital nomad who travels with his entire family

Interview with Ricky Shetty

Ricky Shetty is a world traveling digital nomad who does it with his family. He blogs on being a daddy and coaches other digital nomads on mastering making a living and making their lives work on this 21st century world digital stage.

I interviewed Ricky on his recent month-long stay in Colombia. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/GFp7fDq8hHU

Ricky and his wife have a goal of visiting every country in the world with their children. At the time of this interview they were at about 70, and were quickly scratching off all of South America.

Ricky Shetty, Professional Traveler

Connect with Ricky at:

http://www.DaddyBlogger.com  and


He has promised a free one-on-one coaching call on digital nomad mastery to any GrupoAmos on Colombia viewer.

Digital nomad mastery coach
Ricky Shetty – Blogger on being an in-touch dad and coach for digital nomads
There’s lots more to tell … on Colombia